Website Design & Development

Webmate is a WordPress development firm based in Mauritius that can customize any theme to match your specific needs. We can handle everything from refining a current theme to building an entirely unique design from start.

Our WordPress websites include cutting-edge web technologies to improve user experience and cross-platform support. Our goal is to enhance Conversion Rate Optimization so that you can be confident that a high proportion of visitors to your website will become clients or consumers.

Every design we produce is appealing, safe, and reaches as many people as possible.

Creating a user-friendly website

A website should be interesting, simple to use, and targeted to your target demographic.

The user journey determines whether a prospect becomes a lucrative customer. Each design decision you make will influence how a user interacts with the website. You must offer the necessary information so that people can make educated decisions, and your calls to action must direct them toward a specific objective. Our website designers can develop a website that prioritizes your users. We’ll advise you on the best features and build user-friendly websites with easy navigation to ensure your website converts.

Mobile Friendly Website

Over 60% of Mauritius search traffic comes from mobile devices, and with Google moving toward a mobile-first index, it goes without saying that your website must be mobile friendly, which our web design service provides.

It is critical that your consumers have a consistent experience with your website regardless of the device they use. As a web design firm, we carefully evaluate how designs appear and how easy and intuitive they are to browse on the various devices accessible.

Manage your website on your own

A CMS makes it simple to add new information and maintain your site up to date. You’ll stay active, which is wonderful for user experience, and Google will crawl your site more frequently.

All our websites are created by our web designers utilizing content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. As a result, you may make changes to your website whenever you choose.

You have full control. It is simple to change material, add new pages, and train your workers on how to make use of it. Daily tasks will no longer necessitate the assistance of a developer.